Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include kf clamps, non return valve, accessories of dicon vacuum pump and kf attachment for gas charging.

KF Clamps:-

KF Clamp offered by us are used in rough to high vacuum installations. These clamps are designed in accordance of international standards, consists of two symmetrical flanges, a center ring to support and positioning “O”-ring, and a clamp which allows assembly without any tools.


  • Size  :  KF 10, KF 16, KF 25, KF 40, KF 50.
  • Center Ring, O-ring & Flange.

Non Return Valve:-

NRV with Dial Gauge
Suitable for Pumps Up to 7500 LPM.

KF Attachment For Gas Charging:-

Gas Charger Kf Attachment offered by us findapplication for different size cylinders having different type of valve attachments. We can also deliver these in other customized specifications.

KF Attachment For Gas Charging Application

  • 4 way KF Attachment with air admittance valve (with Imported solenoid valve) for Gas Charging application.
  • 4 way KF Attachment with air admittance valve (with Indigenous solenoid valve ) for Gas Charging application